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6 th Oct 2006

Bidvertiser is site-targeted bidding-based marketplace connecting publishers with advertisers. Place the BidVertiser text ads on your website and make money online by getting paid for every click. This is very good source of money for blogs and other websites. You get paid for every click and displayed are only ads with highest bid. You can be paid insantly by PayPal when you reach $10. You can customize your ads or block ads you dont want to display.


  1. Excellent, Honest Company. They always pay on-time. Recommended. Regards Colin.

  2. bidvertiser sucks it is 100000 spam and illegal, they dont give the money. they will terminate the account at the time of payout……, dont trust, actually i got $263 in my account at the time of payout they terminate the account…….

  3. Bidvertiser is spam, dont trust waste site……., it is better to try another site

  4. SCAM WARNING Do not give Bidvertiser your bank account details, they have taken large amounts of money from my bank without notice or permission. Their phone support goes unanswered and no e-mail response. If you have given Bidvertiser your bank card details then I strongly suggest that you cancel that card immediately Bidvertiser are nothing more than a common thief

  5. These are strong words and I hope there is some explanation also from Bidvertiser site. I was paid on time always but I dont have experience with advertising… so I can not say if giving them credit card details is good… I usually deal only with paypal accounts and it should be safe.

  6. waste site, not giving any money spam 100 , dont waste ur time

  7. I still think this company is ok. They still seem to pay me ontime. Best wishes … Colin.

  8. Yes,they are scam..They took away money in the pretext that my site contains adult content..though i placed the ad in non adult page..The only advertisement they run is $20 in free clicks,their own ad,which nobody will click..waste.

  9. I agree with voodoo Bidvertiser is a BIG SCAM i ain t advertising with them any more but they keep on charging my card with no permission,they don t have account or card cancellation option.BIG SCAM

  10. Update They are currently taking their time paying me for some reason I will let you know how I get on. Best wishes … Colin

  11. Bidvertiser is good for me. I always shows their ads on my site They will block your account only if you will try to cheat them. So be honest and take only what you worth.

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