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11 th Jun 2008

AdultAdWorld has CPM ads that pay you for every impression your site generates, ppc text ads that fit any area of your site that want to monetize, and some of the highest paying adult blind click offers there are on the net. Let AdultAdWorld turn your traffic into cash today! There is many programs how to make money: CPM banners, popunders,blind clicks, text ads, CPA programs and also combination of all to maximize your adult traffic profits. There is also non-adult CPM program but first your site needs to be reviewwd and get approved. AdultAdWorld is USA based company 12 years on the market paying NET30 when there is minimum of $50 on your account balance.


  1. Now i m trying their service, will look how they are good. trying for

  2. they do not reply to mails… there control panel is worst… the reports are not detailed… so totally this is a scam

  3. The worst advertisement companies ever, adultadworld , don t think this is just any negative review you will be shocked, read below: A month ago I joined them as a publisher and put their ads on my site, on mid of the month I have income total of about $20 aprox, then I realized that, they started reducing my total income on every coming day. Yes that s right, you heard right, instead of increasing the totals, by adding my daily income, they started deduction from my totals. I send 4 mails, with screen shots of my report pages, but got no reply, and now today they removed my account, and I am unable to access. Just want to say more that i can fill this review with thousands of highly degrading and abusing words, but you know what, hell is out there for people pigs running adultadworld, and i wish, they burn there for ever.

  4. Great aff. company im making like 1300-3000 a month, they replied to all my emails. Payments every 10th in a month.

  5. I agree. AdultAdworld sucks. Their support act like robot. They do not really read your question. They keep copying the same message to ANSWER your questions.

  6. Strange, think… I just received check from company ADWORLD MEDIA CORP and it looks like it could be them. Because they do not have referral stats, I can not even see how much ,money I am making… anyway check is here so they pay

  7. So far so good, I just put ads for, and it seems to work great. Their control panel kinda sucks though but hey, what s important is to get money off of it, right o

  8. I ve been using Adultadworld on for three months. First two months were ok comparing to other similar companies, but now earnings started to dropping for 50 . gives them a six.

  9. Adultadworld do not pay, file Adultadworld complaint, I had their services for 9 months, first 5 months i earned around $200 m, they paid, the last 4 months my site is grow, $400 m, they withhold the check and lie that they already mailed out the check and it could be lost, they promiss to re-send it but I wait wait and never see. now they owed me for $2000 never pay. Adultadworld scam scum suck

  10. Their stats are not very good and actually I can not check how much I made from referrals but last week I received second check from them so they pay. I wish I could track my earnings more efficiently.

  11. It seems like they suck for publishers. Anyone here have experience with their traffic

  12. Received another check… looks like my referrals like it since I make some money from referrals.

  13. Good if you don t have great converting traffic, and lots of traffic. Made over 10k with them. They always paid net30 no problems on my end with them.

  14. Test

  15. Tried them on my site Anal Teen Auditions . Seems to be legit service, payouts are in time.

  16. Hello, im working with 2 best pay per install websites if anyone can get 500 installs per week then contact me i will pay you the 50 of my earning Contact at aijazalikhoso95 gmail com.

  17. I just tested, from 5000 pageview they just give me 0.15 well all traffic is from US,UK,German,France but i only get this small penny

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