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AdMedian provides online media solutions to advertisers and publishers worldwide. AdMedian manages a wide range of advertisers in both the US and abroad offering run-of-site or vertical specific campaigns. Publishers are offered multiple solutions to help them monetize their web site traffic through our Publisher Network on a CPM and CPC basis, depending on the publisher solution used.
Benefits to Publishers

– No minimum traffic levels
– Reliable Net 30 Pay Terms
– Detailed real-time reporting
– Non-exclusive partner agreement
– Worldwide advertisement coverage
– Full control over what runs on your site
– 8 money making solutions to choose from – {Search box, Sponsored search, Content banners, Domain parking, Garphical banners, Pop UPs, Pop Unders and Interstitials}
– Dynamic Impression allocation for maximum return
– Automated optimization for maximum earning potential

We have paid out millions of dollars to our publishers who are loyal to our network due to our ability to provide multiple payment options, fast payback, and personal service. No Referral program there.


  1. Dont even try them, I ve been with them for 3 months, never received any payment. Scammer. When your payment issue date does not reach, you can talk to them via email. When it s time you get paid, they wont answer your email and no payment. I stoped their ads now and trying to take legal action against these guys. If you want to know my site, PM me. Thanks

  2. Yeah what is the name of your site Did you even make any money and I m not talking about $0.19. I m sorry but it bothers me when ever I see someone actually bad mouth a company about paying out. Since, the logical answer should be, if you made them money, then they would have paid. Biz 101, keep your customers happy, since the customer is always right I have actually worked with them and have never had a problem. Although I can say, I also do not run any malicious content and deceive anyone. I don t need to, there is way to much money to be made the ethical way

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