7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website

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6 th Jun 2004
As some of you probably now know, WebTrends Live at http://www.webtrendslive.com no longer offer the free Personal Edition of their statistics tracker.
Affected are hundreds of thousands of websites that still use the free WebTrends Live Personal Edition to keep track of their site statistics such as the number of daily visits and pageviews.
Many webmasters are probably oblivious of this change and still display the WebTrends Live code on their site. Some are left clueless as to which other free statistics trackers offer comparable tracking that WebTrends Live Personal Edition once provided.
The email notice from WebTrends Live stated that past statistics
had been deleted and are no longer available. Members who wish to
continue using WebTrends Live need to upgrade to the eBusiness
Edition that cost $35 monthly.

For most small webmasters, the idea of paying $35 a month for a
site statistics tracker is exorbitant, especially when they are
faced with their monthly hosting bill already.

In this brief article, I’ll spotlight some free site statistics
trackers that webmasters may consider using.

1. Extreme Tracker
URL: http://www.extreme-dm.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 41×38 image

2. Site Meter
URL: http://www.sitemeter.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 20×20 or 88×32 image

3. WebStat
URL: http://www.webstat.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 88×31 image

4. HitBox Personal
URL: http://www.hitboxcentral.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 468×60 or 125×125 ads

5. StatCounter
URL: http://www.statcounter.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: None – Invisible counter

6. ShowStat
URL: http://www.showstat.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 120×32 image

7. AddFreeStats
URL: http://www.addfreestats.com
Cost: Free
Stats: Comprehensive reports
Ads: Visible 88×31 image

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