3XL Cash

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3XL Cash is here some time already and belongs to programs offering you tubes where you send visitors and make money if they watch videos and codec is installed. This program is good for all kinds of Adult sites, mp3 sites and other sites. This site is mainly in russian but it is easy to navigate… important parts are English. 3XL Cash hes following rates per install: $0.48 UNITED STATES (US), $0.45 CANADA (CA), $0.45 AUSTRALIA (AU), $0.3 UNITED KINGDOM (GB), $0.16 GERMANY (DE), $0.16 FRANCE (FR), $0.1 INDIA (IN), $0.1 RUSSIA (RU), $0.08 SPAIN (ES) and $0.06 ITALY (IT). If you get 500 installs a day you get 10% more if 1000 a day than 15% and after 2500 of installs they pay 20% bonus. They pay weekly, usually the payments for the previous week are made on the next Tuesday and Wednesday. Payment methods are Fethard, Webmoney and E-passporte. Minimal payment is $100 you can contact their support service if you are interested in other payment options. Before you start using their services make sure to read terms (in English) where are important things.

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