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Searches sites

Similar like pay per click programs. You can place on your website some search boxes and if somebody search something then you are paid 0.01$-0.06$. This add some content to your site too:)). These days is more common share earnings so you are not paid flat rate by in %. How does it work? You put code on your website and when visitors clicks on that link you get paid 20%-80% from bidding amount which can be sometimes very high. Check each pay per click search engine for more details. Some of these affiliate programs have contextual advertising so if you have lot of text on your page than it automatically select some keywords and automatically create links and you are paid for clicks on them.

Link Synergy

LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships. Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. Similar affiliate program like comission junction. They pay in many ways. You need only website where you can place their...

Findit Quick

Earn up to $10.00 eCPM just for displaying our contextual ads as well as a high percentage revenue share of clicks on the ads. Choose your targeted keywords as well as style of ad to catch your viewer's eye and increase your click through rate to increase profit of your website....