I am looking for sponsors who are interested in backing a contest i will host on my blog for our 1 month anniversary.
www.VidsToWatch.com was to the public December 20th 2011 and has received a fantastic backing that continues to grow. Even with Christmas and New Years stealing users away from their computers VTW still has a good backing.
Some of our stats
Facebook: 2,340 likes
Twitter: 990 followers
Last months stats from the 20th - 31st of December 2011: Unique visits: 1,687 | Number of visits 5,202 | Pages 23,050 | Hits 62,595

As you can see VidsToWatch is doing very well for it's age and will continue to grow. Daily updated content and constant SEO are helping make VTW what it is today. I have received lots of reviews and feedback from forums and other blogs commending VTW on its content and look. The niche VTW is in is very small and i plan to take full advantage of that fact and lead the market.

The contest
The contest will be opened to the public from the 15th to the 20th of January 2012. On the 20th i will use a random number generator to generate 3 numbers and find the comments that correspond to those numbers.

How i plan to give your links the best exposure possible
~Offering 3 prize positions, or more depending on how many sponsors received, which will make the contest sweeter to users.
~The contest will be stickied at the top of the main page for the duration of the contest.
~Facebook'd to 2,340 fans and Tweeted to 990 followers.
~Mass email sent to subscribers and members.
~Contest advertised on many forums and websites.
~Members will be allowed to come back once every 24 hours or more and comment again which improve your link exposure.

Sponsor levels
The higher the amount you donate within the price ranges the higher your link, banner or thumbnail will be to others.
Highest donation - The sponsor with the highest donation will have their banner (468x80 or less), description (of up to 150 characters) on its own under a 'Gold Sponsor' heading.
$12+ - Banner (234x90 or less), a description (of up to 120 characters) and your place under a 'Silver Sponsor' heading.
$7+ - Thumbnail link (120x120 or less), description (of up to 60 characters) and your place under a 'Bronze Sponsor' heading.
$4+ - Text link (of up to 40 characters).
Under $3 - Text link (of up to 25 characters).

I am 100% dedicated to this blog and will do all i can to give your links the best exposure possible. You have till the 14th at the latest to message me about this.
We do not accept links to illegal content or *****graphy.

If you are interested or have any questions either post below or email me: s_wood@live.co.uk
Thank you for your time.