Ten years ago I put up a site for touristinformation Gothenburg Sweden because I met a lot of tourists there where complaining because we did not have any ordinary english website about our Town. I therefore designed a touristsite and suddenly got a lot of visitors from all over the world. Just a couple of weeks after I also got questions about linkexchange and thought it could be a good reason for setting up a tourist destination forum.
If you've got a site with description on a place or events somewhere in the world you are welcome to change links with me. I could help you with adding links and that kind of stuff.
What I want from you is a short article on your place in the world and I would be very fond of seeing pics from here.
Then you add a link from me and we, hopefully, get more visitors and a better pr from the searchengines.
Remember I'll need one place per topic so if you are trying to make links to a travel site then please choose one or two places and describe it properly.
Welcome with your suggestion.