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    Default what is ave on cost of this

    what do you pay on ave to do this? is it hard to keep up with and can you really make money doing this? my husband and i have been talking and were wonderign what start up cost there are and what all you need to have etc. he is a great website page builder.

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    This topic is not related exactly to this question but I know what you mean.
    Here you should be selling your old websites or businesses that you want to sell.

    But I saw people who are creating website per day with unique domain name, design and webhosting and they sell it on ebay or in forums like this. Usualy those websites are having affiliate program promissing you earnings after some time. All you have to do is marketing around and bring traffic there.
    For the designer is profit in the sale itself can be 1 dollar but mostly in the webhosting fees or referral commission.

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