Hello friends since last 2 days I am unable to access my blog due to some DNS problem I can access all sites except the blogger site, so I tried to open my blog through one proxy site so my site opened but haphazardly so i guessed that its must be some dns problem so i cleared my DNS but it won't work,So I fade up with this And I have decided to make my own browser, which should be as simple as possible from where I can only access any type of site and which support me proxy DNS facility from which I can open any type of site, so yesterday Morning I start working on It and by 3'O Clock Night I completed My Personal Browser Work And I have given Its Name As "Max-Navigator Vr :1.1" its a beta version , I am working On It And Tomorrow I will Make It In to a .exe file for other people who can download it and use it freely in this browser you can access all type of site without any problem. I am giving its screen shot Below.