Ever thought of making money off the blockchain as a Minecraft player? Yes it is real! Since the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a lot of promising projects have empowered and changed the fortunes of people across the globe. Minecraft players should not be left out. Here is an opportunity for minecraft players to also earn money while playing their favorite game.

What Is Minecraft Coin?

Minecraft Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency that permits minecraft players to connect it to the Minecraft server and get rewarded in the process with MCC. MCC is the native token of the Minecraft Coin project. Like other open-source coins, Minecraft Coin works on the proof of stake system or better put, the proof of work.

How You Can Make Money With Minecraft Coin

Once you receive the MCC token, you should proceed to Autradex exchange to convert the token to any fiat currency of your choice. You can access the exchange directly from the Minecraft Coin official website. There on the website, you will find useful information on how to set up digital and paperback wallets.

Why Should I Join Minecraft Coin?

Find below why Minecraft players, and indeed so many crypto enthusiasts, prefer Minecraft Coin over other blockchain-powered projects in the same niche.

● Connection: With Minecraft Coin, you can connect all the servers belonging to minecraft. There is also a player community where newbies can join to network with others to learn the ropes.

● Earn While Playing Minecraft: This is the biggest advantage of joining the Minecraft Coin movement. Every player on the Minecraft Coin server earns MCC just by playing Minecraft.

● The Project Encourages Creativity: The team behind Minecraft Coin is very generous. Little wonder minecraft players and crypto enthusiasts flood to the project. They encourage creativity. Regardless of your skills as a creator, there is something for you to sell on the Minecraft Coin marketplace. You can sell maps, mods, skin, and much more.

● Decent Wallet Fees: Compared to what their competitors are charging as wallet fees, the fee charged by Minecraft Coin is a bit decent. For instance, the transaction fee between users of Bitcoin is 0.002%, while the withdrawal fee is pegged at 0.00000001BTC.

Are you passionate about the Minecraft Coin project? You can join other Minecraft players to earn money while doing what you enjoy.

Visit https://www.minecraftcoin.online/ for more information about Minecraft Coin.