Are you looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency space and don't have any prior trading experience? Then you might consider using automated trading. Automated trading is the use of a trading bot or robot to open and close different trade orders on auto-pilot.

If you are an expert crypto trader, the use of a trading bot can significantly boost your profit potentials compared to trading with your human intellect. The very least a trading bot can offer is to help you monitor the crypto market on a 24-hour basis and place trades where it sees opportunities to make the most profits.

While there are many crypto trading bots on the market, one trading bot that comes with beginner-friendly features to get you started is 3Commas. This trading bot has all the trappings that you can customize to suit your trading needs or preferences. It supports at least 23 crypto exchanges.

So how does 3Commas work? Is it right for you? Read on to find out.

What Is

3Commas is a leading cryptocurrency trading bot that allows crypto traders to automate their crypto portfolio investment regardless of trading experience. You can use 3Commas to make money with little risk.

Imagine what it would cost you to sit in front of your laptop and analyze the crypto market for opportunities, study market directions and price movement. But with 3Commas in your trading arsenal, you don't have to worry about all of that. All you need is to program it, connect it to different exchanges where you have trading accounts, and see it perform wonders.

How To Use 3Commas

Getting started with 3Commas is simple. Follow the instructions below:

Create an account
Choose the bot type
Link an exchange to 3Commas
Choose trading pair
Set base trade size
Set target profit
Set trade start conditions

And the bot will get to work!

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