Most sliders are created via jQuery, AJAX or HTML5. As a rule, headings are marked with the h1 tag and, based on the basic practice of search engine optimization, it can be argued that there should be only one h1 tag on a page, and it should be above any other tag.

The main problem of using this tag in the slider is that when changing the slider the content of the tag changes. A slider with five different offers will have five h1 tags, and this greatly reduces the relevance of the page for adequate ranking in the search engine.

Using flash
How to bypass Flash when creating design elements, and why Flash is harmful to the site, was said a thousand times on all possible resources. But apparently, some designers and marketers agency still believe that this is cool.

Flash objects must be unambiguously destroyed along with all kinds of <marquee> tags and other content flicker. Why? OK, last time: Flash objects are not available to search engines. Therefore, for God's sake, do not use them.

Poor performance
Obviously, the more items on the page, the longer it takes to load. Sometimes it's just a disaster. I don’t even want to talk about the speed of loading these pages. Every second affects both the conversion of the user and the search results. Seriously, not so long ago, Matt Cutts announced that they would pay for their slow download speeds with search engine positions especially for affiliate site.

Content issues
As noted above, sliders are an ineffective method of targeting the target audience. Moreover, placing the slider on the page implies that there are no or almost no regular text content, on which search engines are oriented.

We are not experts in search engine promotion, so let's go back to the matter that we are well known.

Usability issues
Of course, not only B2B resources use the carousel of images, but also online stores and, of course, landing pages. Any design solution that has a slider at the top of the page is a mistake.

Scrolling and real content below the fold line
When a user sees one graphic when going to an affiliate deals site, and he has to scroll the page down in search of real content, this is, to put it mildly, impolite towards him. And ineffective. Texts are engaged in sales of your goods, not only pictures. Unfortunately, on resources that use sliders, this happens very often. The user's urge to scroll the page is an important usability issue. And it works only if the page is of interest and seems relevant at first glance.

So the first thing you need to do is immediately remove all the sliders. No, wait - better to test! Measure CTR and find out whether your users are interested in such a “twist”.

But please make no mistake, since the material in this post refers ONLY to the top of the page or to the header.
Use compelling graphics in conjunction with quality content to convey information to your target audience and convert it effectively.