Revive and Survive is an advertising forum dedicated to...well...advertising. The content varies from forums to newly released games to websites and minecraft servers. We're here to help newly blossoming communities to gain the activity and love that they deserve. Our purpose is to help you advertise.

- Games in development
- Released games
- MMORPG's and MMO's
- DeviantART accounts
- Commissions and art requests
- Role-playing sites**
- Forums
- IT servers
- Minecraft servers
- Websites
- Future projects
- Concept and ideas
- RPG's
- Adoptables sites
- Requests
- And much more...

** This includes role-play threads as well. So if you have a role-play thread on another forum, feel free to link it your post!

The Pros of advertising on our forums!
- Your thread is sure to get the views that you need.
- Staff are friendly and rules are easy to understand.
- We guarantee increased activity
- No limitations in what you can advertise...(except mature content)

Among the many categories listed above, we have one very special place for Flight Rising users. It includes a variety of content such as:
- Advertising chat groups [both, specific flights and all flights]
- Skype groups
- Breeding projects
- Clan profile advertising
- Friend requests
- Sales
- Art
- General discussion
- and much much more!!
Here's the Flight Rising board

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