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    Default Remove the big ads and the huge ugly words.

    I don't mean to be rude. But can you please get a decent layout? I like the site's concept, but the site layout is so amateur. You know, with the big bold words on top, it's like you're selling the posts in your forum. And the top part of the site with the advertisements and stuff take up half of my screen, so I'd have to scroll a page down everytime i come to a new page.

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    Well I am sorry but I need you to see all that since I belive you once join some of those affiliate programs and start making big money and than I will be able to pay you for posts here

    But I can remove it and not pay for posts than...

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    Well toast.. i dont find anything ugly here. Its a pretty decent site in every sense of the word and all that i can say is i enjoy spending time here. Thats all.

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