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  1. CaliCoin – The favourite Cryptocurrency of the Animal Kingdom

    The greatest demonstration of humanity is when we help those in need. And of all the needy on our planet, it is hard to disagree the most needy of all are animals which are abandoned or disabled—what...
  2. xHumanity Reaches to NEW Heights after enabling BSC Staking And Farming

    With the fast adoption of social media platforms and blockchain technology to promote social products and services, opportunities abound in the crypto ecosystem are certainly unlimited.

    In a bid...
  3. CaliCoin – Helping the Most Vulnerable on the Planet

    The best of humanity is manifested when we help those in need.

    We live in times in which so many are in need of assistance. Among the needy, it is arguable the most needy of all come from the...
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    EUR/JPY was all very much bullish throughout the...

    EUR/JPY was all very much bullish throughout the week. As we saw the pair move up non-stop. It’s highly likely that we will see things turn around in week to come. So it could be a really good...
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    USD/JPY was bearish last week and things were not different this week as we saw the pair going down throughout with the bears having...
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    GBP/USD pair was in bullish zone this week as we saw the pair close above 1.38 levels. The week started in negative fashion but soon...
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    EUR/USD pair was really mixed throughout past few months, as we saw consistent up and down movement throughout. However, the closing...
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    Bonus is important

    Bonus is indeed very crucial because it gives us extra rope to play around and there is really nothing to lose, but seriously, I will be worried to join some of the brokers suggested above, as they...
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    Forex way to make money

    I do Forex trading and there, I can make fair amount of money with rather ease. This is especially to do with FreshForex broker, as they are brilliant with having small spreads from 0.1 pips for all...
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    Be careful about joining brokers

    The biggest mistake is joining any random broker that’s not trustworthy, as it’s not possible to succeed with wrong broker, so got to be very good with things with them. I love FreshForex with their...
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    Need to prepare for losses

    As a trader, it becomes absolutely critical for us to know these things well, as people often think Forex to be one sided road with great amount of money to be gained, but that is absolutely...
  12. Are you good enough to trade on any instrument?

    It is better that we trade with instruments we are comfortable with, but do you guys feel you are good enough for trading on any instrument? I definitely feel I am good enough for it and that’s why I...
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    Do you read News daily?

    Trading is a sort of business where you got to be very good on all aspects and in this, it also includes having proper awareness of market news and all such things, as only then rewards are meant to...
  14. Afripay Revolutionizes The Payment Space In Africa

    It is no longer news that businesses and independent entrepreneurs in Africa find it difficult to receive cross-border payments. Moreso, payment gateways like...
  15. 9,000 USDT in Prizes (BitMart Event)
    Bitcoin continues to hit ATH, and the market is on fire. To give back to our global communities, (BitMart will offer "trade mainstream cryptos to share 9,000 USDT"...
  16. Afripay - Uniting Africa using Blockchain!

    Are you looking to use Afripay to send and receive cross-border payments? Then visit for more information. You can reach the Afripay customer support team via their...
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    Money management is part of necessary thing while...

    Money management is part of necessary thing while stop loss is something that is more on the wishful part. I never let the radar slip as per money management is concern because it’s my plan b if...
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    No one is perfect in world and so is in trading,...

    No one is perfect in world and so is in trading, it’s why we need to rely upon good money and risk management in order to seek us through any sort of downhill part. But, if we try to be perfect or if...
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    I feel pretty cool about my broker FreshForex, as...

    I feel pretty cool about my broker FreshForex, as they are just that good for all reasons. I am able to enjoy dealing with them especially without having to worry over slippage, re quote or any such...
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    This is only common sense for anyone, if we don’t...

    This is only common sense for anyone, if we don’t have enough input about certain things then how are we going to really work far? Broker is important no question, but so is the way of working and...
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    What we need for consistency?

    I will say it’s experience that we need the most when we talk about consistency, if we are good experienced enough then we will be able to get it done nicely without much trouble, but if we lack...
  22. What is more important - Bonus or Low spread?

    I believe both are equally important, as having low spreads might be great for scalping purpose or even news trading, but ultimately we need to have skills to manage things. This is why bonus can be...
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    Do you like ECN account?

    I have seen broker offering so many types of account, but I believe there is nothing that comes near ECN, as for me, it’s the best account type to work on. I am operating with FreshForex broker on...
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    Is regulation so crucial?

    Forex is a legitimate business and here, it’s so much we can make so that’s why we need to make sure we get broker that’s regulated, as regulation matters a lot! I am working with FreshForex broker...
  25. xHumanity Announces Listing At BiKi Exchange On 19th April 2021

    With the Rapid growth in Crypto industry, xHumanity too aims for the piece of cake, the team announces the new listing at BiKi exchange.

    BiKi will list extraDNA...
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