First install the modules:

1. Tables API (TAPIr)
2. uBrowser
3. Token
4. Workflow-ng (in this group we include only Workflow-ng and Workflow-ng UI)

Install Ubercart and include modules:

1. Cart
2. Order
3. Product
4. Store
5. Attribute (if you want to add properties (attributes) for each product) .
6. Catalog (if it is necessary to display the catalog of goods in a separate block). Creating the role Store administrator: Site Management> Users> Roles
7. Notify (if you need to send notifications to subscribers)

Set up access rights for the created role: Site Management> Users> Access Control

Add blocks for Store links, Shopping cart, Catalog (if this module is installed): Site Management> Construction> Blocks

Configure Shopping cart:
Block heading: Cart
Cart help text: Click to view the contents of the cart

Configure Catalog:
Block heading: Catalog

Change visibility Store links: Store administrator only (in block settings)

Site management> Store administration: create default settings for Images (click "here")

Site Management> Construction> Appearance> Customize>
off display information about the product just like rafiq sons online eCommerce smart watches store

Website Management> Content> Categories> Catalog> Change Dictionary:
Hierarchy - single (sub-category can have only one parent)
Multiple choice - Jackdaw (a product may refer to only one category)
Required (required) - jackdaw

Site Management> Store Administration> Configuration> Product Settings:
Change the text of the buttons Add to cart button text to "buy"
Site Management> Store Administration> Product Settings> Product fields:
Configure the fields that will be displayed to the user

Site Management> Content> Content Types> Product
Title field name: Name
Text field name: Description
Default settings for comments: disabled

Site Management> Store Administration> Store settings> Format settings
Select the required formats

Site Management> Store Administration> Cart settings:
Continue shopping link text: Buy more ...
Default cart breadcrumb text: Recycle

Management Site> Store Administration> Catalog settings:
Customize the display of goods in the catalog at bookmarks Grid and Blocks

Site Management> Store Administration> Checkout settings:
adjust the panel to the order form: Checkout panes
to customize fields for entering information about the buyer: Address fields
Site Management> Store Administration> Configuration> Table display settings: Change field headers in uc_cart_view_table and uc_product_table
Site Management> Content> Categories: Change Catalog dictionary name to Catalog (will be displayed on the site).