AssistNinja is an virtual head-hunting service that pairs entrepreneurs with Virtual Assistants from the Philippines for a one-time fee. You hire, train and manage them, they are YOUR employees. Visit us at to learn more.

If you're the owner of a small business, hosting company or other online service, you're probably working a lot more than 40 hours a week for your business. How much of your time are you spending on small-time repetitive tasks that you could easily delegate?

This is where AssistNinja can help. We're an online headhunting company that will find a virtual assistant in the Philippines that meets the needs specific to you and your business. All you pay us is a one-time fee and we'll present you with 3 candidates you can choose from.

The difference with us and other services is we are NO middle-man. We pair you with an assistant that works under you and FOR you. You negotiate their hours, YOU manage them, they become a part of your company so YOU can focus on growing your business and stop wasting your time on trivial tasks.

One-Time Fee: $500 - Enter coupon code "NINJAFYME" and get $100 off your order.